An NGO adds ‘magic’ to the life of children affected with cancer

Many NGO’s and cancer survivors work to help the cancer patients lead a normal life. A child gets bogged down due to cancer. So, with an aim to spread smile on the faces of the children suffering from cancer, few youngsters have joined hands by organising a puppet and a magic show for them


Cancer can rob their childhood. But, to give children happiness and spread smile son their face, few youngsters who work in a private company are going extra miles. These youngsters had organised a puppet and a magic show in LTMG Sion Hospital in order to help them ease their sorrow and pain and give them happiness.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Sujaya Moghapadhya said, “My mother was diagnosed with cancer. I have experienced my mother’s and the other patient’s pain while she was taking treatment in Tata Hospital. I know what happens with the person and his/ her family, if he/she is diagnosed with cancer. I always felt that I should do something for the cancer patients. That is why I started Jaya Foundation.”

She added my close friends, Sandesh Chavan, Gunjan Chauhan, Bhavana Kapadia and Bhumika Gangar have joined me. We go to Tata and KEM Hospital and to spread smiles on the face of children suffering from cancer, we organise different programmes. Now, we had organised puppet and a magic show at LTMG Sion Hospital. We also distribute gifts amongst them.”

According to Moghapadhya’s friends who are supporting her in this noble initiative, “Cancer amongst children is increasing. If not treated on time one can lose life. Journey of a child suffering from cancer is very painful and tough. Through Jaya Foundation, we help these children to gather all their strength and willpower to fight this deadly disease.”

Dr Radha Ghildiyal, head of paediatric department LTMG Sion Hospital said, “Children suffering from cancer go through tremendous pain. In order to give them happiness, at least twice in a year, different NGO’s organise programmes in the hospital.  This year, Jaya foundation organised a puppet and a magic show.  For a while, this helps the children to forget their pain.”