An engineer from Navi Mumbai gives new life to four

The deceased had met with a bike accident on September 21 and was declared brain-dead on September 23. This is Mumbai's 41st cadaver organ donation, this year

An engineer from Navi Mumbai gives new life to four

A Navi Mumbai engineer gave new lease of life to four people waiting for donor organs for transplant after he was declared brain-dead at Apollo Hospital, Navi Mumbai on September 23.

Lokesh Gholap was on his way to the office on his bike when he met with accident on September 21 on the Thane-Belapur road. According to hospital sources, he suffered severe head injuries and initially was taken to a local hospital by the police.

The 26-year-old Kalamboli resident was later shifted to Apollo Hospital. He was declared as brain-dead on September 23 morning.

An engineer from Navi Mumbai gives new life to four
Lokesh Gholap

“His brother, sister and father took the decision of donating his organs,” said Prakash Saindane, organ transplant coordinator at Apollo Hospital.

The family donated Lokesh’s kidneys, liver and heart. This is Mumbai’s 41st cadaver organ donation. The cadaver donations so far in the city has given a new lease of life to 52 end-stage kidney patients, 38 end-stage liver patients, 29 end-stage heart patients and one end stage lung patient in 2017.

According to Zonal Transplant Coordination Committee (ZTCC), 2016 register the highest cadaver organ donation in the last 4 years with 58 cadaver donations: 91 kidneys, 58 livers, 34 hearts and one lung were transplanted to several ill patients in 2016.

MAharashtra also saw 132 organ donations out of which Nagpur and Aurangabad together have made 15 donations in 2016. Pune topped the list with 59 cadaver donation followed by Mumbai.

The ZTCC and the state government are now working together towards boosting cadaver donations in the state. ZTCC said they are now concentrating on boosting the role of non-transplant organ retrieval centres to increase brain-dead patient notification.