An accident victim helps the patient to get blood through Facebook

Today, a lot of people are misusing Facebook by committing heinous crimes by its use. On the contrary to it, Rahul salve, a Vashi resident has used Facebook as a medium to give a new lease of live to people. Rahul arranges blood for the needy people, through the medium of Facebook. Yes, you heard it right; Rahul owns an NGO named ‘Helping Hand For Blood’, through which he tries to reduce the stress of the family, by arranging blood for the needy people

An accident victim helps the patient to get blood through Facebook

‘Helping Hand For Blood’, was Rahul Salve’s brainchild, which was started in 2012.  In 2010, Rahul met with an accident and lost his left leg. That time, Rahul was given 100 bottles of blood, after which, he started the NGO. Through this NGO, needy people get blood on time. Till now, the NGO has provided blood to 800 patients.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Rahul Salve said, “After meeting with an accident, I understand the importance of getting blood at the right time. So I decided to help the ones who are in need of blood. I couldn’t help, as I couldn’t walk. That time, with the help of friends, to help someone through Facebook, I used to write a post and appeal people to donate blood.”

An accident victim helps the patient to get blood through Facebook

He added, “I started from Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai and now, the facility is available in Maharashtra’s Nashik, Nagpur, Aurangabad, Ahmednagar, Pune, Satara, Sangli, Solapur. Around 500 people have been associated with ‘Helping Hand For Blood’. And the help is provided only through social media. There is no money involved. People are working selflessly for the cause.”

Salve also works as a lyricist. He has also written songs, on the film based on Dr T P Lahane (Dean of Sir JJ Group of Hospitals) life. He balances both the things very efficiently.

Sattar Shaikh said, “I got to know Rahul through Facebook. After which, I started helping him.  Till now, we have helped many people just by putting up a post on social media, which is an easy process. Just by reading the post, the ones who wish to donate blood, go to the hospital. This helps the relative of the patients, as they don’t have to worry and run around to arrange blood.

Salve said, “Dengue and leptospirosis are creating havoc in Mumbai and Maharashtra, due tow which many people need blood.  And after Mumbai deluge, there are chances of an epidemic of infectious diseases in the city. So those who need blood should call us or message immediately. We will help you.”

How it works:

If a call is received regarding the need for blood, immediately the information is put on the Facebook and an appeal is made for the same.

There is an urgent need of a blood donor in Mumbai. And the donor can be of any blood group. By writing this message, patient’s name and phone number is given. And a request is made to a donor to contact on the given details.