Amarnath Yatra survivor operated at JJ Hospital

Doctors from JJ hospital fix fracture, remove bullet from Dahanu resident Chhaya Meher, Amarnath Yatra survivor on Wednesday

Amarnath Yatra survivor operated at JJ Hospital in Mumbai

Ever since Monday night, any loud sound sends shudder to the 55 year old Chhaya Meher. The Amarnath attack on Monday has left the Fisherman family of Meher’s from Dahanu in a state of utter shock. Of the seven residents from Dahanu who went for the Yatra, two were from the same family. Chhaya Meher survived the attack, but the recovery seems like a long process.

“My mother is in utter state of shock. She is very scared about everything and anything around. We have stopped talking to her about the attack completely. She saw the incident happening and that has left an indelible impact on her. To add to the misery, my mother-in-law died during the attack there,” said her son, Nilesh.

Meher was injured by a bullet on her right forearm which has been removed at JJ Hospital.  “Bullet has been removed today. Officials had come to visit us today. An x-ray has also been done now,” added Nilesh.

“We removed the bullet from her right forearm. She also had a bone fracture in the forearm which we have fixed. She will remain with us till the time the bullet wound gets healed and it will take around 2-3 weeks,” said Dr Eknath Pawar, head of the orthopaedic department, JJ Hospital.

Doctors also informed that she has a small injury in the abdomen because of a small particulate of bullet straying in that area. “Both surgery and orthopaedic department are looking after her. She is stable,” said Dr TP Lahane, dean of the Sir JJ Group of Hospitals.

She was airlifted from Jammu and Kashmir to Surat on Tuesday. Later, she was brought to Dahanu by road and admitted in a private hospital for a day, reportedly.  On Wednesday, she was admitted to JJ Hospital in Mumbai.