Alarming: 1 in 2 males are either pre-diabetic or are suffering from diabetes in Mumbai

As per a survey, among females, 17.9% were found to be in pre-diabetic category and 17.8% were diabetic

sugar-diabetesIf the survey released by a leading diagnostic centre in Mumbai is to be believed, Mumbai’s working class is facing a serious threat due to diabetes. The survey done by Metropolis Healthcare, ahead of World Diabetes day (November 14) shows 21 per cent of the Mumbai’s working class are diabetic.

“We had analysed 100659 samples for fasting blood sugar levels between the age group 20 to 80 years out of which over 21520 samples were found to be positive for Diabetes Mellitus (type  2 diabetes),” said Dr Deepak Sanghavi, Deputy Chief of Lab, Metropolis Healthcare.

He said the survey showed 20 per cent of the samples studied fell in pre-diabetic category.  “The survey was shocking as India is already infamous as the diabetic capital of the world.  It is absolutely necessary for people to do intensive lifestyle modifications,” he said.

The survey further said among females, 17.9% were found to be in pre-diabetic category and 17.8% were to be diabetic. “We found more males prone to diabetes. Over 22% of the samples in males were found to be pre-diabetic and another 25% were diabetic,” said Sanghavi.

Doctors say diabetes is one of the most common chronic diseases in youth and adolescents. With many people ignorant about their diabetes status, they end up with diabetes complication. “We are seeing a peak in Type II in the age group of 12-25. Being a lifestyle disease, poor dietary habits combined with sedentary lifestyle is the main reason attached to it. This age group is a productive age group and therefore we need to be more concern about it. The diagnoses could be later than three years,” said Dr Manoj Chawla, endocrinologist, Asian Heart Institute.

Doctors say one needs to develop healthy diet habits to prevent diabetes. “Screening for diabetes should begin when you hit 30 to prevent disease. Regular walks, exercise are must. Timely health checks & regular blood glucose monitoring is also important for blood sugar control and prevention of diabetes,” said Dr Shashank Joshi, endocrinologist, Lilavati hospital.