‘Aim is to make women safer, stronger and smarter’

Women are the pillars of every home, every nation. A healthy woman builds a healthy family, healthy families build healthy nations. Only an educated, aware, informed and empowered woman knows how to keep herself healthy and binds a healthy family together


As we take strides into 2020, we, as women in India, need to be confident and take up the onus of uplifting fellow women.

Though Federation of Obstetrics and Gynaecologist Society of India’s (FOGSI) vision and mission is Healthcare for Woman, we are going much beyond that. FOGSI has launched a mission, which is WE FOR STREE, for the betterment and empowerment of women of India.

The ‘WE FOR STREE’ mission covers three major aspects:

Safer – Safe from infections

Stronger – Not only physically, but also financially sustainable and, encouraging women to educate themselves in health education

Smarter – Skilling them to be independent

We have also introduced campaigns to bring visible changes in the lives of women.

  • Antenatal care for maternal and foetal outcome

The theme for this campaign is Don’t forget Moms. We’re targeting the expectant mothers as one out of every seven women do not have access to antenatal care. We are adopting a holistic approach to deal with the situation.

  • Detection of high-risk pregnancies

A lot of times only when women in advanced stages of pregnancy reach the hospitals, are high-risk pregnancies detected. Under Pradhan Mantra Matritva Surakshit Abhiyan, we are providing our expertise in the health camps. Last year, a whooping three lakh women with high-risk pregnancies were identified.

  • Encourage and promote breastfeeding

Breast milk provides the best nutrition to a baby. Spreading awareness about breastfeeding and encourage young mother to breastfeed is very important.

  • Weight and body image issues among women

Our lifestyles have changed drastically, and our eating habits and exercise regimes revolve around our work lives. We need to educate young women about eating right, maintaining personal and menstrual hygiene. We have to turn the couch-potato generation into a healthier lot so that problems such as Polycystic Ovarian Disorder (PCOD), menstrual issues and, consequently, difficult pregnancies can be lessened.

We have seen a rise in the cases of women suffering from diabetes. To prevent this, we have undertaken a concept of Wellness of Women. Spreading awareness about nutrition, healthy diet, and exercise with behavioural therapy will play a pivotal role.

  • Safe Abortions

In India, 26 million births take place per year, but do all mothers have access to ultrasound facilities? No! Several women have their first ultrasounds only post 20 weeks of pregnancy. The earlier foetal abnormalities are detected, the better the chances of women having safe abortions. Every woman should be given a choice and chance to avail of safe abortions.

  • IVF

Due to lifestyle changes and health issues, the cases of infertility are on the rise. In 30% of the cases, we have seen medicines or surgery help, but the rest of the people need multiple rounds of IUI or IVF – the success rate of which 15 to 20%. People need to undergo three to four cycles for results. It is empowering to see how women these days are choosing to freeze their eggs and having children when they feel the time is right.

All the above factors, as well as fighting against rise in health awareness amongst women, promoting safe sex and sound maternal care are also important pillars of women’s health. In order to build a Healthy Maharashtra, first let’s form a whole army of healthy women that includes every woman from the state!

The author is the President, Federation of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Society of India (FOGSI)