Against all odds, this 45-yr-old woman beats cancer after 21 years

As a patient who was suffering from Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia (CML) cancer, which affects blood and bone marrow, she put up a brave fight against the disease. Even though she had limited resources, the victory of Vidya Patil, who hails from rural areas of Maharashtra, is quite commendable

Against all odds, this 45-yr-old woman beats cancer after 21 years
Ruby Hall Clinic (Pune) the hospital where Vidya was being treated at

Vidya Patil, has been fight the battle against with CML since the last 21 years and her fight has succeeded, as her cancer is now under control. Doctors say it is very rare to see, CML patients living for more than two decades.

“I belong to a village in Barshi taluka. Our financial condition is not so stable. When I was detected with cancer, I had no money to pay all those costly medicines. I remember, some medicines were even above Rs 1 lakh. But, I didn’t give up hope. We applied to different medical trusts, whose help and aid we could avail of,” said Patil.

“Every time, I used to travel from Barshi to Pune for treatment. My family helped me a lot in the process. For fighting disease like caner you need to have positivity and perseverance,” she added.

Dr Minish Jain, senior cardiologist at Ruby Hall Clinic in Pune, who treated her, said, “We started administering her drug named Gleevec. At that time, this drug was made available for more than one lakh rupees. She was determined to fight the disease, in spite of her economic status. Considering her willpower and other factors, we helped her avail help from medical trusts.”

“It is rare to see CML patients living for more than two decades. But we started with right treatment and the patient was very optimistic. Now, we have been able to control her cancer,” he added.

When asked about such cases, Dr Subramanian Kannan, a haematologist at Jehangir Hospital, said, “It’s been seen that once a patient responds to Gleevec, they will live long. That is the power of this medication. While it is essential for a patient to get a right treatment, it is equally essential for the patient to have a right attitude while fighting the disease.”