After wife’s death, spreading awareness on organ donation became his life

Even though he lost his wife due to an unavailability of a kidney, he did not give up on life. He decided to channel his anguish and despair into something constructive. Shortly after her death, he took up the cause of organ donation and made it his mission to reach to as many people as he could to make them aware of it


In India, there is a huge shortage of organ donors. The Union Health Ministry has also admitted that there is a disparity between the demand and supply of the human organs. Every year, thousands of people those who are in dire need of the organs, lose their life due to non-availability of the organs.

The story of Aarti Salunke is heart-breaking, after a long-fought battle against a kidney ailment since the last 5 years, the Goregaon resident, passed away in July 2017 after battling for 5 years. Aarti’s family had enrolled her for the organ transplant. But, she died 10 days after she her enrolment.

Prashant Salunke
Prashant Salunke

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Prashant Salunke says, “In July 2017, I had enrolled my wife’s name for an organ transplant. But, the waiting list was huge. While I was doing the procedure for getting her name register, I realised that there are thousands of people those who are waiting for the organ transplant, eventually die due to non-availability of organs. And at that movement, I had decided to create awareness about organ donation in masses.”

Her husband, Prashant Salunkhe, did not want her death to be in vain. He decided that something had to be done to make people aware about the importance of organ donation. Even as the wounds inflicted by her death were still fresh, he decided to honour her life by holding a small programme to raise awareness on organ donation.

Prashant further added, “On the 10th day, after my wife died, I had organised a small programme to create awareness about organ donation. I realised if i want to convey my message to the world, I should start from my home. I should first spread a word in my family and then I can take this campaign forward.”

August 10, marked the first death anniversary of his wife Aarti. As a way to honour her memory, Prashant Salunkhe will be launching a website to spread awareness on organ donation on August 12.

Organ Donation-Month

Prashant Salunkhe further added, “My humble appeal to people is that everyone should come forward and take a pledge to donate the organs. Also, children should come forward and take a pledge to the donate organs of their parents. The awareness movement should start from our home.”