After unseasonal rains, Pune witnesses a spike in viral and bacterial cases

The sudden temperature fluctuations is taking a toll on people’s health. It can increase the risk of viral fever and infections


The cases of viral and bacterial diseases have increased in the city. As the rains have now stopped, many children, especially those with low immunity, are suffering from viral flu.

Doctors say that cases of viral flu and bacterial infections related to the stomach have recently increased in the last couple of days.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Archit Pande, a paediatrician from Pune  said, “The cases of viral and bacterial infection have increased in the city in the last few days. The number of such patients in our OPD have increased. Children cannot attend schools due to this. After a few spells of heavy showers, the rain has stopped for the time being.”

She added, “There is a sudden change in the weather. The water sources are prone to become polluted with bacteria. All these things are leading to a rise in the number of viral and flu-related cases.”

Pune has witnessed fluctuations in weather in the last week. Sunny days were followed by incessant rains for the last two days. Such climatic changes are responsible for spread of stomach infections as well as viral diseases.

Doctors advise people to take necessary precautions, to keep the allergies and infections at bay.

Dr Smita Patil, a physician from Pune, said, “Flu cases have increased. People are advised to take rest and eat healthy food. Also, drinking water should be purified. Ensure that you get adequate sleep. Dengue cases have also seen a rise.”

The constant temperature fluctuations can cause viral infections. This kind of weather can be very problematic for people who are suffering from asthma.

Dr Prakash Mule, another physician from Pune, said, “There are fluctuations in temperature for the last week. It might lead to rise in viral cases. Also, cases of dengue, chikungunya, and leptospirosis will be seen more. Skin allergies and different types of infection-related cases might also increase. People should eat healthy food. Also, stagnant water should be cleared.”