After shedding tag of world’s heaviest woman, Eman set to leave India on Thursday

Eman spent 81 days in India for her obesity treatment and after undergoing a surgery, she now weighs 175kg. A team of doctors and staff from Burjeel Hospital is in India to assist Eman in her shifting


After spending more than 81 days in India, Eman Ahmed, once considered as the world’s heaviest woman, is set to bid adieu to india.

Eman, who underwent bariatric surgery in Mumbai’s Saifee Hospital, will be leaving for Abu Dhabi on Thursday evening for further treatment.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra Dr Muffazal Lakdawala, Mumbai’s renowned bariatric surgeon who operated on Eman, said, “We have received a certificate that Eman is fit to fly to Burjeel hospital and she will be flying out on Thursday eve to Abu Dhabi”

Eman, who once weighed 500kg, had now lost a considerable weight after the bariatric surgery and medical treatment. Eman now weighs at 175kg.

But Eman’s Abu Dhabi visit is a follow out of the verbal spat between her sister Shaimaa Selim and the team of doctors who are treating Eman.

Allegations and counter allegations from both Shaimaa and the doctors escalated to such a level that Shaimaa took on the doctors alleging negligence in treatment. Shaimaa even had uploaded Eman’s pictures on the social networking sites to show how Eman is in bad condition.

In a two-minute video which was filmed by Shaimaa, she alleges that Eman is not doing well, and the doctors are also not taking proper care of her sister. Shaimaa even went on to call Dr Lakdawala, a liar, saying he had promised that Eman would walk after treatment, but this will now not happen.

Meanwhile, the doctors treating Eman refuted the allegations and provided their side of the version with the medical examination evidence.

After the verbal spat broke out between Shaimaa and Saifee doctors, a team of Burjeel hospitals doctors had visited Saifee hospital to know Eman’s medical condition. And after going through all the necessary medical reports they have suggested that Eman’s is medically fit to fly to Abu Dhabi where she will be undergoing medical treatment for obesity.

Eman had flown down to Numbai early this year, after Dr Lakdawala heard the plight of her sister and Indian government also had taken necessary steps to grant Eman a visa for medical treatment.

Eman is suffering from a rare genetic disorder, which is the main cause of her obesity. She has been bedridden for last 25 years.

After spending 81 days in India, once considered as the heaviest women has shed a tag of being the most heaviest women.

Saiifee hospital’s room number 701, on the 7th floor is Eman’s room. This room was specially constructed for Eman.

As Eman set to say good bye to India, the team of doctors and Saifee hospitals staff says, her flying kisses will be missed.