After Maha police constable Lalit, 5-year-old Ruksar to become Aman

Ruksar (name changed) a 5-year-old girl hails from Majalgaon, Beed district, Maharashtra was accompanied by her father on Thursday, September 06, to Mumbai’s state-run St George hospital to seek a sex change surgery


Imagine having a child who is a girl for the first few years of your life and then discovering that it is actually a boy. This is exactly what Ruskar’s mother felt when she discovered that a 5-year-old girl is a biologically a boy.

So far, Ruksar has been brought up like a girl by her family. But in the year 2016, her mother noticed certain changes in her body.

The family felt something different but had no knowledge about what it is

But, they later came to know more about it through Lalit Salve’s case. After which they decided to come and meet the doctors in Mumbai.

Ruksar has underdeveloped male genitalia so she will be required to undergo a sex reassignment surgery.

Dr Rajat Kapoor, who performed sex change surgery on police constable Lalit Salve, will perform the surgery on Ruksar as well.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Rajat Kapoor said, “There is a similarity between the case of Lalit and this girl. We had performed sex-change surgery on Lalit. In the case of this girl, who is a boy we will perform sex reassignment surgery. After which, the boy can lead to a normal life.”

Dr Kapoor further added, “We have performed all the necessary hormones and blood tests on her. Once we receive all the reports we will perform sex reassignment surgery. After the initial surgery, multiple surgeries will be performed in the course of time.”

Paras Khan, father of Ruksar said, “Three years after her birth, her mother noticed the changes. We met the doctors in Beed district, and they guided use to come to Mumbai for a sex reassignment surgery, But, we had no knowledge about the surgery. But, when we learned about Lalita’s operation, we gathered the courage to come to Mumbai for seek treatment for our child. I hope that my kid will now be able to live like a boy.”

He further said, “Before getting the surgery done, we have to follow the law procedure. We have changed her name to ‘Aman’.”

Dr Madhukar Gaikwad, Medical Superintendent of St George Hospital said, “After Lalit’s sex change surgery awareness has gathered on these sensitive issues. People are coming forward openly to speak about their sexual problems. 13 people have already approached us for the sex change surgery.”