After helping niece, this uncle, is going extra mile for medical help for others

Vaishali Yadav, a six-year-old girl from Pune, suffered from a congenital heart defect. Her uncle Pratapsingh Yadav helped her to seek financial help from PM Modi. Now, Yadav is discharging his duties of being a responsible citizen, by helping the other needy people Like Vaishali to obtain financial help

After helping niece, this uncle, is going extra mile to help others in need

Vaishali Yadav, a six-year-old girl from Pune, received a special help from Prime Minister Narendra Modi, for her heart surgery. Now, Yadav’s family receives around five to six calls per month, from families of the needy patients, in the state to guide them in order to get the access to the medical treatment.

After helping niece, this uncle, is going extra mile to help others in need People are watching videos and posts on social media about how Vaishali gained financial help from PM Modi. And now, they are directly visiting her home to seek guidance, seeking subsidized or free medical treatment.

Vaishali,hails from a poor family. With her uncle’s help, she wrote a letter to PM Modi for seeking financial help as she had a congenital heart defect. She not only received financial help, but also, got a chance to meet PM Modi, after the surgery.

On Wednesday, Vaishali’s uncle Pratapsingh Yadav, helped Suvarna Pawar, a seven year-old girl from city to get admitted in Deoyani hospital in Pune. Suvarna is suffering from congenital anomalies and cannot afford the treatment at the private hospital.

“We are daily wageworkers and Suvarna’s condition in the recent months has deteriorated, due to which he has to miss her scholl. We did not know from where to seek the medical help,” said Aasha Pawar, Suvarna’s mother.

Suvarna’s mother added,“We had seen a video of how Vaishali wrote a letter to PM Modi and thought of meeting Vaishali’s family and getting the details, so that we too can seek help. But then, her uncle told us about different government schemes and helped us to get our daughter admitted for the treatment, today.”

After helping niece, this uncle, is going extra mile to help others in need Dr. Shrirang Limaye, of Deoyani hospital said, “We will carry out fresh tests and will treat her under one of the government schemes.”

Pratapsingh Yadav informed,“People do not know about different government schemes which are available.Since Vaishali’s case has come into the light, now, people are approaching us and seeking guidance on how to seek help.”

Recently, Yadav helped two more similar patients who were treated in Sahyadri Hospital and D Y Patil Medical College in Pune under Rajiv Gandhi Jeevandayi Arogya Yojana.

On Wednesday evening, Yadav got one more case of a 17-year-old boy, who came rushed to his house, along with his father to seek guidance on acquiring free or subsidized medical treatment. The boy suffers from chronic kidney problem. “I will take them to charity commissioner tomorrow. When government cannot reach everyone individually, being a responsible citizen we have to come forward and help the needy people,” said Pratapsingh Yadav.