After Bhabha, KEM to get biogas plant

Three months ago, Bandra’s K.B. Bhabha Hospital installed biogas plant to save fuel. After which, KEM Hospital is all set to install the same. This initiate will help to save the fuel


KEM Hospital at Parel in Mumbai gets patients from across the state. The hospital arranges for lunch and dinner of around 400 people, for which it requires around 40 cylinders every month. By taking this into consideration, the hospital has decided to install a biogas plant.

Dr Avinash Supe, Dean, KEM Hospital, said, “Hospital administration has emphasised on bio gas energy generation. We will segregate the dry and wet waste. Also, we will be utilizing the waste from the canteen in the plant.

Dr Ganesh Shinde, Dean of Cooper Hospital, said that Cooper Hospital is trying to reuse the water by purifying it. “Biogas helps in energy saving and so this project is very helpful. The dry and wet waste will be made available for the project. Such kind of project was first started at Bhabha hospital and now it will start in KEM hospital. This is a good thing. Even in our hospital we are trying to reuse the used water by purifying it.”

Dr Pradeep Jadhav, head of Bhabha Hospital, said, “The project that we had started at Bhabha is giving oxygen back to our environment. This will certainly help in reducing damage done to environment. Earlier, we used to need 30 cylinders, but now after the bio plant has started functioning, we need only 22. We are saving five thousand rupees.”

How the bio-gas will be produced?
The waste will not be thrown and it will be used in the plant. The energy generated, will then be used to prepare food for patients.