After an organ donation saved her son, she took a pledge to spread awareness on it

Krishna Sadgir, an 8-year-old from Ahmednagar, Maharashtra had successfully undergone a heart transplant surgery on September 2017. His mother was by his side in their struggle for getting a donor’s heart. Now, his mother Gauri has pledged her support to the organ donation campaign and spreads the awareness about organ donation among their relatives and other parents whose kids are in the same school as Krishna  

After an organ donation saved her son, she took a pledge to spread awareness on it

“There are thousands of people in India, who are waiting for an organ to be donated, for the past number of years. There is a huge gap between the demand and supply of the human organs. I will never forget the ordeal and struggles; we had to go through to save Krishna’s life. So, I have taken a pledge to promote organ donation in whichever way it would be possible” says a teary-eyed Gauri Sadgir.

After Krishna underwent a successful heart transplant, Gauri has been spreading the word regarding the importance of organ donation, to her relatives, friends and the teachers.

Organ Donation-Month

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Gauri Sadgir, Krishna’s mother said, “A number of my relatives and other people from our locality come home to meet Krishna. I speak to everyone and try to make them aware about the importance of organ donation. Not only have I spoken to our relatives, I have also spoken to the teachers teaching my son, about how instrumental organ donation is in saving a person’s life.”

Gauri further adds, “When the parents of his classmates, found out that Krishna had undergone a heart transplant, they came up to me and asked me several question. I tried my best to explain to them about everything related to the organ transplant. I made an appeal to them, to spread the word about organ donation to those around them.”

Organ transplant and the post-operative care is a very expensive affair. Gauri further adds, “We spend Rs 15,000 – 20,000, every month for Krishna’s medical treatment. And the cost burden is high. The government should make these medicines affordable.”