Accident: Splint to help docs, paramedics immobilise broken limb

The ‘Splint’ or for a layman understanding - a bandage, will help the paramedics and doctors to potentially avoid the second injury after an accident. It is portable and easy to apply on the hands and legs


Every year, thousands of people accidentally break their bones. The fracture, which causes pain, if not treated on time, even a small loss of the function can result in lifelong disability.

When a person suffers a fracture, the immobilisation of the fractured limb plays a crucial role in the treatment and its management. If one moves continuously, it can cause massive internal damage.

Researchers from IIT-Bombay and COEP have developed a ‘Splint’ (a kind of a bandage), which can instantly help immobilise the fractured limb. Researchers say the ‘Splint’ will hold the damaged limb so that it cannot move and remain steady.

The ‘Splint’ has been developed by MediAsha Technologies, which was displayed in BETiC symposium-2019, in IIT-Bombay.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Mayur Sanas, CEO of MediAsha, said, “One who suffers a fracture, has to undergo pain and agony, and if the limb moves, then it causes unbearable pain. Keeping this in mind, we have developed this Splint. It is portable and easy to apply. Dip the Splint into the water, squeeze and then wrap on the fractured limb.”

Researchers say it gets set quickly, has therapeutic positioning, lightweight, and strong. It can be used in hospital, ambulance and also by the paramedics.

“Once it is wrapped on the fractured limb, it gets hard and holds the limb firm. Many a time, after an accident, chances of the second injury are more. The ‘Splint’ will help us avoid the potential second injury. We have specially designed this for the school going children, and avid trackers,” added Mayur.

The ‘Splint’ has been designed keeping in mind its affordability as well. Right now, the plan is to give this in schools and hospitals. Then, later, we will bring it in the other market segments as well.