Brave girl: Struck with cancer, but pens down a book

Diagnosed with blood cancer 18 months back, twenty-year-old Srushti Kulkarni didn’t let cancer take a toll on her aspirations. Instead she fulfilled her dream to publish a book titled ‘Kaleidoscope’, which is a collection of 17 stories penned by her

Brave girl: Struck with cancer , but pens down a book

You are suffering from blood cancer! Anyone would be terrified by the prospect of having blood cancer. But, there are few warriors who refuse to get demoralised by the same and instead defeat cancer itself. A 20-year-old Srushti Kulkarni is one such example. Srushti was diagnosed with blood cancer 18 months ago, but she didn’t let cancer take a toll on her aspirations. This month, Srushti has published her first Marathi book titled Kaleidoscope.

The book launch was a dream come true moment for Srushti. She described that moment as one of the most precious moment she had been waiting for. “I lost an academic year because of cancer, but I wanted to utilise this time to the fullest. I have been writing since my school days. It was my dream to publish a book. I am glad that I got that chance. It was all I ever wanted.” Srushti’s book ‘Kaleidoscope’, is a collection of 17 stories penned by her.

Brave girl: Struck with cancer , but pens down a book
Srushti Kulkarni

Srushti hails from Sangli district in Maharashtra. She had come to stay with her grandmother Mangala Kulkarni in Panvel, Navi Mumbai, to pursue her bachelors. It was a shocker for the family, when Srushti was diagnosed with cancer. “Sometimes life surprises you. We all were shocked when we got to know that Srushti has blood cancer. I told her that hobbies and personally cherished activities can only keep one going through such tough times. She concentrated on writing and I feel really proud that her book has been published now,” said Mangala, who is also a writer and has written 17 books so far.

Srushti is back to college and will undergo the treatment simultaneously. She is in TY Bsc and pursuing BSc in Chemistry from Changu Kana Thakur Arts, Commerce and Science College, New Panvel.  “When I got to know that I have cancer, I was scared too, but acceptance of any problem is the key to the solution. Now, I have to continue treatment for next 5 years, but I am sure that I will be completely cured. We are too scared of cancer. We just lose hope once it is detected. Now, many advanced treatments are available. We should have a strong will power,” said Srushti.

Srushti was fond of reading and writing since childhood. She aims to write many books in future. “We liked her stories and that’s why decided to publish the book. She is a brave girl who fought cancer. Her book will interest everyone from various age groups,” said Tribhuvan Joshi, publisher Abhinandan Publication, Kolhapur.