‘AC’ must in chemists shop: FDA’s order irks chemists

According to Food and Drug Administration’s rule, to maintain the quality of the medicines and the chemical reactions in it, AC should be switched on in the chemist shop and the temperature should be maintained at 25 degree celsius. But, since this rule is not followed by the chemists, FDA has started taking action against them


This decision of the FDA has received flake from the chemists and druggists. In Mumbai, the climate keeps on changing. Why there is a need of switching on the AC, during the monsoon and the winter? Is the question asked by the chemists and druggists.

In public hospitals, there is no facility of the Ac. Still, there is no action taken against them. But, it is mandatory for the chemists to follow this rule or else a strict action is taken regarding the same said chemists.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Shashank Mhatre, member, Maharashtra Registered Pharmacists Association said, “All the medicines should be stocked in 25 degree celsius. Here, the temperature is above 30 degree celsius. But, this doesn’t affect the medicines. Medicines take four months to reach to the chemists. So, why does FDA do not consider the temperature during that span?”

He added, “Amongst 100, two to three chemists who are willing to store medicines in the stated temperature cannot do so as, some places face load shedding problems. During such time, action is taken if the medicines are not being kept in the fridge. So, the government should provide power supply for 24 hours. In rural areas, due to load- shedding, the chemists are unable to store medicines in a given temperature despite of having the AC.”

Arjun Khadtare, Food and Drugs Administration (FDA), joint commissioner (drugs), said, “Rules about storing medicines in the chemists are there since the long time. But, these rules are not followed. This action has been so that the chemists follow this rule to provide good quality medicines. For this, in the month of November and December, the FDA will organise a special camp for the chemists. To help them to understand about how to store medicines, how to keep the shop clean and so on.”