Abandoned baby saved by Mumbai police to undergo surgery

On Monday evening, Mumbai police’s tweet about rescuing an abandoned infant in Kanjurmarg, hit the headlines. Immediately after the news spread, the infant was admitted to Sion Hospital and LTMG medical college. The infant is fine now, informed the hospital


On the wee hours of Monday morning, an abandoned baby was found in an auto rickshaw in suburban Mumbai. After which, the infant was immediately admitted to the Sion Hospital by the police. The baby girl has been identified with a brain condition. However, she is fine now.

“Yesterday, the baby was brought to us by the police. According to what we have been told, the baby (she) was found by somebody in an auto rickshaw at Kanjurmarg. She is about 15 days old and weighs 2.4 kilos. Tests are being done to check further, but she surely has hydrocephalus,” said Dr Radha Ghildiyal, Professor and Head of the Department of Paediatrics at Sion Hospital.



Hydrocephalus is a condition found in babies that can be simply explained as water in the brain. This condition requires a surgical intervention generally and this kid too may need it. “Now, she is shifted to the The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Looking at the other tests, the date for the surgery will be decided. Also, there is a female constable to look after the infant throughout the day,” informed Dr Ghildiyal.

The baby is constantly accompanied by a female constable. “That’s generally how cases come to us. Most often, the cases of abandoned babies come via police. They do a wonderful job. Now, the girl is fine, but it’s too early to comment further,” said Dr Jayshree Mondkar, Dean and Neonatologist at Sion Hospital.