Pune: Youth becomes paralysed after consuming too many sweets due to rare genetic disorder

A 25-year-old man Nilesh Rale got a paralytic attack after consuming huge amount of sweets during Diwali. The consumption of sweets decreased potassium level in his body after which he suffered from paralysis. This condition is a very rare genetic disorder


He was suffering from hypokalaemia periodic paralysis (hypoPP). It is a rare genetic disorder that causes occasional episodes of muscle weakness and sometimes a lower than normal level of potassium in the blood.

On November 7, Nilesh went to drop his sister around 6 pm. He suddenly started feeling weak. After driving about 20 km he suddenly went weak in all his limbs. He found himself getting paralysed and not realising what was happening, got himself to a nearby hospital. The local hospital then referred him to a neurologist.

Dr Nasli Ichchaporia, consultant neurologist at Jehangir Hospital, said, “Nilesh had lost use of all his limbs and was bed-ridden. We saw all the old reports and conducted the ECG and blood tests which showed that he had a low potassium level. His potassium levels dropped 1.5 millimoles per litre (normal limits are 3.6 and 5.2 millimoles per litre) which was triggered by eating too many sweets during Diwali.”

Ichchaporia added, “When we inquired further we came to know he had a genetic condition — hypoPP. He was given potassium through IV drops and even orally. In eight hours Nilesh started recovering power in his limbs. He was treated for two days and discharged on November 10.”