A year after heart transplant Krishna Sadgir now leads an independent life

September 20 will mark the completion of one year since Krishna Sadgir, a 9-year-old Kalyan resident received a donor heart. The organ donation significantly improved his quality of life and he is now enjoying his newly found life

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“Due to the donor family’s supreme sacrifice, I got my Krishna back. Their decision has changed my life completely. We have got our child back, he is in good health. I will never forget the donor family, and what they have done for us in our entire life,” said Gauri Sadgir, the mother of 9-year-old Krishna, who underwent a successful heart transplant surgery at Mulund’s Fortis Hospital.


Krishna underwent a heart transplant surgery on September 20, last year. On this very day, his families search for a donor’s heart, to save their son had finally come true.


As you enter into the house of the Sadgirs in Kalyan, near Mumbai, Krishna welcomes you with a broad smile. His naughtiness and innocence immediately grab your attention. The pain, the agony, and the sufferings have all gone now. A heart transplant surgery has given him a new lease of life.

Krishna Sadgir

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Gauri Sadgir, Krishna’s mother said, “Now, a year has passed. Krishna has completely changed now. He has become a bit naughty. When he was diagnosed with the heart ailment, he was weak and was unable to play with his friends. But, heart transplant has changed his life.”

The proud mother says with every passing day, Krishna is becoming more and more independent. “Whether it be taking his medicine or his studies. He does it all by himself. He is not dependent on anyone now. There is absolutely no restriction on his food and playing habits. He loves cricket and football. As soon as he comes home, he just rushes to the playground to play with his friends,” adds Gauri.

Krishna was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, an end-stage heart disease in 2016 and was successfully operated in Mumbai’s Fortis Hospital.

Gauri adds further, “I have the apple of my eye back with me, safe and secure. But, this wouldn’t have been possible without the sacrifice of the donor family. I am grateful to the doctors and staff of the Fortis Hospital. They have saved my child.”