A teenager’s journey after 300 sit-ups and 26 days of recovery

In her exclusive interview to My Medical Mantra, Vijaya Chougule spoke about the 300 sit-ups that she was made to do in her class and how the following 26 days has been very difficult for her. She recollects almost everything perfectly, yet triumphs her fears by recovering physically as well as getting treated to heal herself psychologically

A teenager’s journey after 300 sit-ups and 26 days of recovery

  • According to doctors who are treating her at the KEM Hospital in Mumbai, she has surely improved. She will be discharged on Wednesday.

Vijaya’s 26-long-days’ painful journey:  

  • Currently, Vijaya has started walking after 26 days of constant treatment
  • Vijaya will be discharged from the hospital on Wednesday
  • She is gradually trying to cope with her mental state
  • However, she hasn’t recovered from the mental trauma completely

After 26 days, Kolhapur’s ‘Vijaya’ stood again. Although the traumatic attack on the body has decreased, the wounds on the tainted mind are still afresh. She hasn’t been able to forget the incident of 300 sit-ups she was forced to do as a part of ‘class punishment’.

A teenager’s journey after 300 sit-ups and 26 days of recovery


If you look at this 13-year-old now, you will surely be able to see her fear of being attacked. However, as she spoke she tried hard to seem normal. “There were unbearable and disturbing cramps that I was constantly getting as I did those sit-ups. Due to lack of blood supply, the feet felt cold. I was shivering with fear. But my teacher did not pay attention to me. My mouth was dry. I did 300 sit-ups. But, finally, I could not bear it and I fell.”

Vijaya further says, “There was a great mental stress of this incident on my mind. My legs did not stop shaking. It seemed that my foot did not have the power to stand again. But with the doctor’s counselling and medical treatment, I stood up again.”

While she spoke to My Medical Mantra she explained that she had changed to this school in her eighth grade. She didn’t want to go to school because the principal behaved very differently with her students.

Vijaya’s uncle, Navnath told My Medical Mantra, “there was tremendous pressure on Vijaya’s mind. It affected her feet. Doctor counseled her. Now we are all happy because she can walk around. Now she will be discharged from the hospital.”