A surgery in time saves ‘tongue’

Jeet Mahadik, a 10-year-old boy was returning home after giving his exam, when a shocking incident happened. Jeet slipped from the stairs and fell down due to which his tongue was caught between his teeth and suffered a dip cut on his tongue. This resulted into continuous bleeding. Jeet was admitted in Kalyan’s MPM Hospital where doctors immediately decided to do a surgery. Now, Jeet's condition is improving


Till now, you must have heard about head, neck, back and leg injuries after falling from the stairs. But, Jeet Mahadik, who is a Titwala resident, suffered a cut on his tongue when he fell down from the stairs and this left him bleeding and in immense pain. Jeet was immediately admitted in Kalyan’s MPM Hospital where he received a timely treatment by the doctors. Jeet underwent plastic surgery and this decision of doctors was like a boon for him.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Prerna Malthane, administrator, MPM Hospital, Kalyan said, “When Jeet came to us his condition was bad.  After which, we immediately decided to go for the surgery. On Monday evening, the surgery was performed on him.”

insertShe added, “His family’s condition is poor. We didn’t even take money while he was being admitted in the hospital by his relatives. Our priority was to treat him and that is why we decided to opt for a surgery. Now, Jeet is fine.”

Dr Parag Telawane, who performed a plastic surgery on Jeet’s tongue informed, “Jeet has got 9 stitches on his tongue. For two days, he will be kept under the doctor’s observation. After which, we will decide about his further treatment.”

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Jeet’s father Gajanan Mahadik said, “Doctors informed that Jeet’s treatment would cost us up to lakhs. We are in financial crisis and we need help.”

Currently, Jeet is undergoing treatment in Kalyan’s MPM Hospital.