A sneak peek into Shama Sikander’s fitness and beauty formulas

Gorgeous actress Shama Sikander, who is currently playing a lead role in the web series ‘Maaya’, is a fitness enthusiast and her envious curvaceous body is to die for! Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Shama reveals the secret behind her fitness and beauty regime

A sneak peak into Shama Sikander’s fitness formula

Remember the lead actress from the Television show ‘Ye Meri Life Hai’, back in the year 2004; yes we are talking about Shama Sikander. She drew the limelight of fans and people with her whole new look that stormed on the internet with her bold and vivacious look. In the year 2016, Shama was seen in the short flick ‘Sexaholic. Shama swears by her fitness routine and she is redefining fitness by giving us some major fitness goals and she also revealed her beauty mantras.

MMM: How is your fitness regimen like?

Shama Sikander: I start my day with cardio on an empty stomach, for an hour or twenty minutes. I do it for approximately three days. Thrice a week, I do weight training. One day is a rest day.  I concentrate on all body parts. I personally love training my legs and booty. It’s the most difficult workout, yet the most fulfilling one. I love to have firm legs and butt. But apart from this, I focus on two body part each day during weight training.

So remember, just do what your body asks, don’t believe in myths, everyone’s body type is different. Everything works according to your mind, it is very important to satisfy your mind. First, keep your mind happy. Then the body will follow. Sometimes, diets ruin your mood. It makes you cranky and angry. So eat right and healthy. I think it’s very important to do some research about what you put in your mouth. That will lead you to have a great and a fit life.

MMM: Tell us about your diet?

Shama Sikander: My day starts with a yummy smoothie, it’s a mixture of protein, carbs and fibre as well as good fat.  As I like to start my day with something sweet. I am a bit calorie conscious. I avoid everything that makes me feel bad or uncomfortable or unhealthy. At times it is greasy and oily food, and sometimes its deserts.

MMM: How do you manage to look so beautiful?

Shama Sikander: I have a very intense skin care routine. I actually use quite a few products. So, I start my day with a proper wash and toner, followed by serums, moisturisers and sunscreen.  At night to, I use serum and moisturiser. Sometimes I do get acne, depending on the weather and my sleeping pattern.

A sneak peak into Shama Sikander’s fitness formula

Talking about my hair care routine, I deep condition my hair twice a month, use good shampoo and conditioner wash it every second day. Sometimes, I face hair thinning problem because of excess blow dry and heating. So, if I stop having proteins, I will continue to face the problem. So, I just increase my dose of protein and vitamins that is necessary for hair.

Remember to hydrate your skin, use good quality products and drink lot of water. Keep your stomach clean. Make sure to keep your mind clean of all the negativity. Keep your hair clean. Condition your hair properly by eating good food and right supplements.