A rising trend: Male cosmetic surgeries

If you think women are the only ones who opt for cosmetic surgeries, then you are wrong. Men too, are insecure about the way they look. Hence, in order to enhance their persona they choose to opt for cosmetic surgeries

A rising trend: Male cosmetic surgeries

In society, it is generally seen that women spent time on grooming themselves but with the advent of skin care products, and Bollywood actors endorsing them; a new generation of men are looking for ways in which they can improve their appearance. This leads them to opt for cosmetic surgeries and the non-surgical procedures.

The percentage of men who are opting for cosmetic procedures has increased since last 10 years. The current proportion of men and women who decide to undergo this procedure is 50 per cent in both the sexes, say doctors. “Every week I get four to five male patients who are keen on getting cosmetic treatments done on them. Those who find it difficult to lose weight opt for liposuction,” said Dr Nilesh Satbhai, Consultant Plastic, Aesthetic, Hand and Reconstructive Micro surgeon at Global Hospitals, Parel.

Dr Satbhai added, “The younger generation mostly come to me with a condition called gynecomastia (Enlarged breasts in men). So they come for liposuction which is the most common procedure.”

According to Dr Debraj Shome, Senior Facial Plastic Surgeon and Director, The Esthetic Clinics, rhinoplasty (nose surgery) is another popular procedure which men undergo. A lot of married men come for face lift surgeries, chin augmentation and jaw countering to get a chiseled jawline.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, a Mumbai based marketing executive Kirti Rele said, “My fiancée Gaurav Mantri works in a pharma company and is required to look presentable as he has to attend conferences throughout the day. For which, he goes for a facial at a salon regularly.”

When asked about the most common non-surgical procedures which men undergo, Dr Amit Karkhanis, Medical cosmetologist and Director of Dr Tvacha clinic replied, “Along with cosmetic surgeries, there are also non-surgical procedures. For instance, the most common procedures which men undergo are botox, hair transplant, slimming treatments, acne and acne scar treatment.”

Dr. Apratim Goel, Dermatologist and laser surgeon of Cutis Skin Studio informed, there is a lot of awareness in men regarding the cosmetic surgeries. Earlier, men where shy and also believed that it is a girlish thing. But the scenario has changed now. Men are very much keen even going for a body lightening treatment. And they also keep a regular follow up, after undergoing the procedures.”

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Aditya Dusange, a 26-year-old, Banglore based bike enthusiast said, “Gone are the days when men used to be shy about doing something about the way they look. Nowadays everyone wants to look good. Being a bike rider and I am on the go. Due to dust and dirt, my face becomes patchy. So I make sure to go in for regular facials, pedicures and manicures. I have also undergone laser treatment for hair removal and for minimising the pores on my face.”

However, doctors also advise that these procedures should be performed by experienced surgeons. “There is no life threatening side effect as such. But these surgeries carry nominal risk or complications. Getting the right information and going to a qualified and trained plastic surgeon is the key to a safe and successful cosmetic procedure,” cautioned Dr Satbhai.