Rare case where organs were shifted to left side of the body, successfully operated

Due to diaphragmatic hernia all the major organ including heart, chest, lung, and wind pipe of a 58-year-old nurse were shifted to left side of her body. A diaphragmatic hernia is very common among children but very rare in adults. A team of doctors has successfully operated a 58-year-old nurse with the use of 3D laparoscopic surgery


Earlier, the woman had undergone open surgery for diaphragmatic hernia which failed, laparoscopic was the only option to perform another surgery.

A team led by director and surgical gastroenterologist, Dr Roy Patankar performed a successful rare 3D laparoscopic surgery for diaphragmatic hernia for a 58-year-old nurse Chandrakala at Zen Multispecialty Hospital in Chembur.

Chandrakala from Jalna had met with an accident few months back. She was operated twice open surgery for torn diaphragm muscle.

This surgery was not successful and she ended up with complaints of breathlessness on walking with stomach, large intestine, small intestine, spleen inside chest pushing heart, wind pipe and lung towards right side which is called as diaphragmatic hernia.

A diaphragm is a dome-shaped muscular barrier between the chest and abdominal cavities. It separates your heart and lungs from your abdominal organs (stomach, intestines, spleen, and liver).A diaphragmatic hernia occurs when one or more of your abdominal organs move upward into your chest through a defect (opening) in the diaphragm. This kind of defect can be present at birth or acquired later in life. It’s always a medical emergency and requires prompt surgery to correct.

Dr Roy Patankar, Director and surgical gastroenterologist, Zen Multi-Speciality Hospital, Chembur said, “Chandrakala had been operated twice with open surgery so there was lot of complications while performing laparoscopic surgery. As her left lung was significantly compressed so there was problem in breathing and major stomach part also entered chest pushing heart right side. Open Surgery can lead to complication and infection so we planned revision laparoscopic surgery for Diaphragmatic hernia.”

“We had put a polypropylene mesh to prevent recurrence. We had to shift heart to right side due to pressure of intestines on heart LEDS to cheat pin and breathlessness. This case was more unusual as twice failed with open surgery corrected with lap mesh repair. There are very few such cases of twice open recurrences done by lap anywhere in the world,” added Dr Patankar

Chandrakala, Patient said, “It was such a relief from problems of breathlessness, large and small intestine and much more. I am grateful to Dr Patankar and team who has helped me to have a relief.”