A ‘patient’ who helps other patients at KEM Hospital

Since last 20 years, John is residing near KEM hospital’s public toilet. Destiny played a cruel game due to which he was forced to live like this

A patient who helps ‘other patients’ in KEM Hospital

John is living in KEM Hospital since last 20 years. He now helps the patients who come to seek treatment in KEM Hospital.  After helping them, he gets 200-300 rupees, which is now his source of income. As John cannot afford the maintenance of the 3 BHK Santa Cruz flat of which the maintenance cost is Rs 18,000. But  now,  John is suffering from tuberculosis and needs a helping hand.

After John’s birth, his parents abandoned him and left him at Santa Cruz Church. At the age of five, the Father of the Church adopted John as his son. He took care of John’s education till B.COM. John and Father lived together in Santa Cruz’s 3 BHK flat in Kalina. John then stayed alone after Father’s death in 1994. Despite being an orphan, John had got more than he had expected.

Everything was going fine until the year 1995, when John met with an accident. While returning home from a wedding, John’s bike was hit by a truck. John suffered from head injuries and other minor body injuries, after which, John was admitted to KEM hospital and was in coma for three years. He lost his memory and was being treated in hospital till 2005. Also, rods were inserted in his legs and around the waist.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra John said, “After the accident, I did not even remember my name. I lost my memory and after a few years gradually all began to remember. After getting discharged from the hospital, to earn my livelihood, I went for job interviews. But nothing worked and I didn’t have any roof to stay in Mumbai. So I built a small hut in the hospital and the doctors and nurses helped me financially.”

In 2007, John had gone to the Santa Cruz church, after many years, but she saw all new l new faces there and returned to KEM hospital.  John further said that, “Two years ago, I was diagnosed with tuberculosis. Free medicines are given to me from the hospital for it. But a few days ago, I showed a doctor as I could feel the pain in my right underarm. He advised me to go to Tata Hospital.  The doctors there advised me to undergo PET scanning.  The scanning would be done on 1st September and the cost of it would be RS. 15,000. Currently, John’s condition is so bad that he can’t even meet his basic necessities. So from where to get the money for the treatment is a big question for me.