A heat-buster plan to tackle the sweltering October heat  

Prajakta Borse, a sports nutritionist and clinical dietician, shares how to beat this prickly heat of the October


We all have noticed the remarkable change and the sudden drop in the humidity with very few rain showers to almost nil causing a steep rise in the temperature.

Well, let’s welcome autumn famous for its prickly sun rays throughout the day, and breezy coolant nights with clear sky glittered with stars. If this difference in temperature is not taken care of, it can have ill effects on health.

One has to adapt to these beautiful changes which nature undergoes before the pleasing winters arrive! October heat stroke can be fatal, and cases like people complaining of hyperacidity, skin infections, rashes, urinary tract infections, and stomach upset or haemorrhoids increase.

Let’s follow this rule of thumb to welcome colourful autumn and series of festivals like Navaratri it brings along.

Protect, nurture and mindfulness, with the help of nutrition expert, and take preventive measures to avoid any mishap.

  • Avoid staying in the direct sun for long, and cover your body with light-coloured and comfortable clothing.
  • Apply sunscreen and use wet wipes, Dermi cool talcum, and maintain maximum hygiene to avoid infections related to excessive perspiration (sweating).
  • Home-made coolants like sweet buttermilk, coconut water, barley water, lime ginger juice, kokum sherbet, amla sherbet, fresh fruit candies can supplement, and repair water-soluble vitamin reservoir of the body.
  • Avoid spicy, sour and deep-fried food and food with pungent sauces with high preservatives, instead, consume a light meal.
  • Chew your food 32 times. Make sure you eat slowly and allow saliva to mix with food well and to reduce the acidity.
  • Drink water stored in mud pots than refrigerated water.
  • We all love to be trendy today wearing styled clothing. Let’s flaunt in autumn wear which is well suited for your skin to breathe well and avoid body-hugging attire or even denim for that matter.
  • Urinary tract infections take a peak and add the toll on your health. Maintain genital hygiene and keep sipping alkaline fluids low in sodium. That means aerated drinks and alcohol is a BIG NO! Give weight to fresh fruits and its unsweetened juices or green vegetable juices.
  • Lack of sound sleep can be a reason for acidity in this season.
  • Foods like Chandan, Adulsa, Neem leaves juice, Aloe Vera, wheat grass, and cow ghee, are well-known home remedies to reduce the heat-related ailments, and they help to heal your body from within.
  • Open Grandma’s Potli for sure shot home remedies like soak some khus khus (dried herb) and tulsi beej for few hours in water and drink the extract for instant cooling effect.

Stay fit and get set to tune up for colourful Navratri.