A first – civic hospital put on alert to treat election campaigning related injuries and alcohol abuse

BMC hospitals have also been asked to keep an extra stock of medicines and beds as Mumbai goes to polls for civic elections on February 21


Ahead of Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) elections, public hospitals in Mumbai have for the first time made arrangements to tackle injuries and alcohol abuse during election campaigning. The BMC run hospitals have been put on alert for the same.

“All electorates will cast their vote on 21st February. As there could be fights, alcohol abuse during these periods so, we have instructed all public hospitals to be on alert”, said Dr Avinash Supe, director of major civic hospitals.

He further said all BMC run hospitals have been instructed to keep an extra stock of medicines and beds. “Our hospitals have been asked to stay on alert. We will have dedicated doctors, extra medicines and beds for election campaigning related health problems,” said Supe.

While the city hospitals have so far not received any major injuries or alcohol abuse cases related to election campaigning, doctors said dehydration has been a common complaint among party workers campaigning for their leaders because of the soaring temperatures in the city.

Even though Mumbai’s temperature is increasing by the day, political parties are campaigning on large scale, as there are few days left for the election. With day temperatures being as high as 35-37 degree Celsius, there also have been instances of dehydration among party workers due to campaigning.

Keeping this in mind many candidates are ensuring that their party workers health won’t get affected. “Incidents of dehydration is common in such climate, but we ensure that the health of our party workers won’t get affected. Making available sufficient amount of water, healthy homemade meal with proper nutritions and caps to protect from heat is also part of our campaigning,” said Jitu Baburaw Shinde (41), Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) candidate. He is contesting from Chembur.

Independent candidate, Rohit Pande, who is contesting from Navy Nagar constituency of Colaba said, “We make sure that our workers don’t eat outside or junk food. We provide water and healthy meal to them. We also try to avoid campaigning during day as much as possible and prefer evening timings for campaigning”.

Wednesday saw the mercury rise to 37.2 degrees. It has already been recorded as the second hottest day in February in the past four years. Doctors now fear that cases of dehydration will increase in the next few days.

Dr K R Dhebri, General Physician said, “We are getting patients with diarrhoea, this can cause dehydration.”

“Mumbai’s rising temperature is a real concern. One should keep taking sufficient amount of water, avoid oily outside food, eat vegetables and fruits,” Dr Subodh Kedia General Physician said.


  • Eat fruits and vegetables to maintain sufficient level nutrition’s in the body
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Eat fruits like watermelon, muskmelon and cucumber as they are high in water content.
  • Always carry water to prevent illnesses.
  • Maintain proper hygiene; take shower twice a day.
  • Wear light colour cotton clothes, wear cap or carry umbrella.


  • Do not eat junk food and fizzy drinks.
  • Do not eat leftover food.
  • Do not wear synthetic clothes.
  • Do not stand directly under the sun.