A donation in time, saves seven

A 48-year-old man saved seven lives on Thursday by donating his organs. The man was brought from Gondia for treatment of bleeding in the brain. The man saved seven lives in all

A donation in time, saves seven

A 48-year-old man saved seven lives on Thursday. The man was brought from Gondia for treatment of bleeding in the brain, was admitted in Neuron Hospital at Dhantoli in Nagpur on August 22. The patient’s condition was critical and was declared brain dead on the 23rd August.

The doctors and other non-medico staff from Nagpur took all the lead to counsel this patient’s family to go organ transplant. The donor from Gondia has donated heart, liver, two kidneys, two eyes and skin saving seven other lives on Thursday.

The operation was special because it was the first heart transplant at Global Hospitals, Mumbai as well the first liver transplant at Aditya Birla Hopital , Pune.

The heart and liver retrieval team reached Nagpur by chartered plane on Thursday around 11.30 am from Mumbai. The organs were taken to Mumbai and Pune for transplantation. Organs were transported via green transplant and all the city police played a very crucial role. Eyes and skin donation were also done after retrieval of organs.

Dr Ravi Mohanka, Mumbai’s liver transplant surgeon who conducted Aditya Birla Hospital’s first liver transplant surgery said, “The 66-year-old woman was diagnosed with liver failure because of fatty liver. She has been literally living in hospital for last three months and urgently required liver transplant. She is extremely lucky to have got the donor liver as she had listed for the donor organ two months back.”

A liver was transported from Pune airport to Aditya Birla Hospital in Chinchwad in a record time of 15 minutes via a green corridor on Thursday evening. The liver was flown from Nagpur to Pune to save the life of a 66 year old female. According to the Zonal Transplant Coordination Centre (ZTCC), Pune, this is the 33 liver transplants in the city since January 2017. It is the first time that liver was transported from such a large distance in Pune.

The liver reached to Pune airport by a private plane at 4:30 pm on Thursday evening and was then transported to Aditya Birla Hospital for further surgery. The recipient was waiting for the liver since August 6. Dr Ravi Mohanka and his team operated on the recipient.

Arti Gokhale, coordinator, Zonal Transplant Coordination Center (ZTCC), Pune said, “The patient was shifted to Orange City Hospital and Researchers Institution in Nagpur in the afternoon. The family signed the consent form to donate all possible organs, eyes and skin. As is the practice the kidneys, eyes and skin is donated at Nagpur,”

She informed that for other organs the information was further conveyed to State Organ Tissue Transplant Organization (SOTTO), Mumbai who distribute other organs.