10 superfoods to prevent #breastcancer

While there is no one single food or diet that can prevent or cause breast cancer, diet is an area in which individual choices can make a real difference. Certain lifestyle choices and habits can increase the risk of breast cancer, especially among women

10 superfoods to prevent #breastcancerImage courtesy: Getty Images  No food or diet can prevent one from getting breast cancer; it is not 100% effective. However, nutrition is an important aspect and plays an important role in decreasing the chances of breast cancer. Even if you are diagnosed with it, eating and maintaining a nutritious and well-balanced diet can make […]

Want to improve your gut health? Here’s what you can eat

Cooled potatoes, bone broth and ginger are just among the top superfoods that could help improve your gut health

Want to improve your gut health? Here’s what you can eatIt is important that you maintain good gut health. The microorganisms present in your digestive tract support numerous functions that help you stay healthy and away from diseases. They help boost the immune system, manage mood and metabolism, promote hormonal balance and maintain your brain function. Properly taking care of your gut microbiota can also […]