Drinking buttermilk can help improves heart health

A new study shows that consumption of buttermilk and other fermented dairy drinks could help improve heart health and lower risks of having a heart attack

Drinking buttermilk can help improves heart healthHere’s another reason to love buttermilk even more. A new study suggests that the fermented dairy drink could actually help improve heart health. The findings, published in the journal Gut, showed that buttermilk, as well as other fermented dairy products, contain molecules that could help lower the production of cholesterol and other harmful blood lipids […]

Binge! Celebrate a guilt-free Diwali

Diwali, the festival of light is celebrated in India & all over the world with great vigor and joy.  It is one of the main festivals related to Indian culture. The main highlights of this festival are the lights, fireworks, and decorations, said Khyati Rupani, Founder and Head of Balance Nutrition

Binge! Celebrate a guilt-free DiwaliPopularly known as the festival of lights, Diwali brings immense joy. However, this happiness turns into guilt after having festive sweets and savouries mindlessly. “Our area of concern begins when the richly prepared sweets and dishes start appearing making it very difficult to keep weight in check during this season. We end up consuming extra calories […]

Say bye to heat, hello to healthy food

Get down after 11am on any given day in October in Mumbai and you will notice most people travelling with a scarf and goggles to beat the heat. As ‘Heat-wave’ hits the city, here are tips to conquer the scorching sun by eating right and staying bright

Say bye to heat, hello to healthy foodEver since the month of October began, the cotton and light clothes from our closets have got another chance to see the light of the day! Sun is out in full swing and My Medical Mantra has got some tips on what to eat and what to avoid. It’s only five day since the month […]