‘Fitness is about loving oneself’: Dr Dalwai

Dr Samir Dalwai believes that being fit should go hand in hand with being happy. As it is easier to follow if the activity brings you joy. He says that any activity for fitness should make you excited and cut you off from your daily routine

‘Fitness is about loving oneself’: Dr Dalwai

Can you believe that a music reviewer, anchor, drum player, salsa trainer and avid reader would find a perfect balance between all these activities and neurodevelopmental paediatrics? But, surprisingly, Dr Samir Dalwai can! And the best part about him is that he always makes time to maintain his fitness.

Ask him what his fitness mantra is, and he quips, “One can be fit if he loves himself and does things that keep him happy. I am not the guy who can hit the gym to be fit because I don’t enjoy that. I enjoy dancing. So I do salsa to keep me fit. Any activity for fitness should make you excited and cut you off from your daily routine.”

Apart from Salsa, he trains with a coach, Manav Fernandes twice or thrice a week. “I love training with him because we are more like friends. That’s very important. Also, I control my eating habits. I eat only what I need for my body. Personally, I don’t like chocolates, so I don’t eat chocolate. But otherwise, I don’t avoid anything,” added Dr Dalwai.

For Dr Dalwai, maintaining balance is important. “The right balance will mean that you’re on the correct path to fitness.”

‘Fitness is about loving oneself’: Dr Dalwai
Dr Samir Dalwai, Indian Academy of Paediatrics (IAP) and consulting child developmental paediatrician

His day starts at 7:30 am with a gym trainer coming to train him at his home gym for three days a week. Then he heads for breakfast alongside which he generally reads novels or hears old classics.

“I love to read. M.J. Akbar, Ghalib, Sherlock Homes are some of my favourites. I read whenever I get the time. I also love listening to old songs. I also review them,” he said.

As he winds up his day, he prefers to meet his group of musician friends- Medico Music Group (MMG), for a quick talk. “We meet up whenever we can. I play drums and also anchor shows. But I generally do all of this throughout the week. I go to bed at around 1:30 am in the night and that’s like my perfect day.”