She was dead for 15 minutes, today lives to tell a tale of a medical miracle

16-year-old who did not have any pulse or blood pressure for 15 minutes after a near-fatal road accident, is brought back to life after 7 complicated surgeries over two months

When 16-year-old Sneha Kagti (name changed on family’s request) was hit by a speeding truck while she was riding pillion on a Scooty on the way to a birthday party two months ago in Ulhasnagar, Thane, everyone including the doctors had almost given up on her chance of survival.

Reason: Sneha was hit by a speeding truck and was dragged under it. The collision left her lying on the road, with her stomach and abdomen torn open and her intestine strewn on the road.

Doctors at the Fortis hospital, who operated on her, say her survival itself is a miracle as she was brought to the hospital with no pulse and no recorded blood pressure.

“The accident’s impact was huge. She was a pillion rider and the Scooty was hit from behind by a truck. She was dragged by the truck to some distance in which her abdomen wall was ruptured and entire intestine and stomach had come out,” said Dr Rakesh Rai, hepatobiliary and transplant surgeon, Fortis Hospital.

Kagti was taken to a nearby hospital where she was rushed immediately for a surgery. The intestine, stomach was put back, stitched and she was transferred to Fortis Hospital.

“When she arrived at our emergency department, she had no pulse and blood pressure for approximately 15 minutes. It took around 6-7 hours to resuscitate her before we took her up for the first of the six surgeries she underwent at our hospital,” said Rai.

Once she was resuscitated, Rai said a CT Scan was done to assess the degree of her injuries.

“She had multiple bone injuries, but we were more concerned about her abdominal injury. We took her up for the first major surgery as soon as she was resuscitated. Her abdomen wall was re-opened. The organs had dust and dirt which was cleaned up with saline water. We also repaired the hole in her intestine. There was lot of dead and damaged skin and muscle tissues inside. They were removed too,” said Rai. While she was in ICU, within 48 hours, Kagti underwent another major surgery.

“We again re-opened the abdominal wall which is a must in such injuries. There was large part of dead and damaged skin and muscle tissues, which were removed. She also had major injury where muscle and skin in the thigh region and back had separated from the bone. With the plastic surgery team, it was corrected,” said Rai.

With large open wound, Rai said it was a challenge to do the dressing of the wound every day.

“We decided to put a vacuum device in the open abdominal wall. Every 3-4 days, we took Kagti to operation theatre to re-examine the wound and do the dressing. The toughest part was to ensure her body gets the much needed nutrition and there is no infection,” said Rai.

While she was recuperating from her wounds, Rai said she also underwent an aggressive physiotherapy.

“She underwent a skin grafting and as her wound healed, the vacuum device was also removed. It took two months, but we were delighted to see Kagti stand on her two legs and leave the hospital hale and hearty,” said Rai.

  • Subodha Kumar Mishra

    Wonderful story.Its great on the part of Surgeons for vigorous effort and on the part of the patient to tolerate exhaustive procedures.Bottom line is never give up, miracles do happen.

  • Really miracle

  • Nice

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