Udaipur’s tiny brave heart ‘stable’ after surgery

Miracle baby, as the doctors call him, weighed just 470 grams at birth; underwent complicated heart surgery when he was just 15 days old

Miracle baby’ – that’s what the doctors are calling the baby from Udaipur, who weighted merely 470 grams at birth and underwent a complex heart surgery just 15 days into this world.
Udaipur's tiny brave heart 'stable' after surgery
Miracle baby stable in Jivanata children Hospital, Udaipur
Now a month old, the infant is now ‘stable’, weighs 607 grams and is recuperating at Jivanata Children Hospital in Udaipur. Doctors and staff at the hospital informed  baby was a preterm, born in the 24th week of pregnancy, and was barely the size of a human palm.
Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Sunil Jangid, Director of Jivanata Children Hospital, said, “When he came to us, his eyes had not opened, his lungs were not functioning and he had a heart complication. However, following the PDA (patent ductus arteriosus) corrective operation, he is now stable.”
“We converted an NICU into an operation theater, where Dr Sanjay Gandhi and his team performed the complicated heart surgery,” Dr Jangid added.
“The baby was immediately rushed to NICU and was put on medication. Survival rate of underweight babies is very low; some survive just a few hours or a, at best, a day. But as we say, this little one is a born fighter. He is now a month old, and is stable,”he said.
Sharing details about the birth, doctors and the staff at the hospital said it was a normal delivery, but the baby was underweight and his heart, lungs brain and kidney were functioning poorly. He could not be started on milk after his birth, they added.
Udaipur's tiny brave heart 'stable' after surgery
Team of Jivanata Children Hospital, doctors and staff
Dr Jangid added, “Operating a baby like this is like a double edged sword. Even a small sound or a drug overdose could lead to severe complications.”
“To make sure the baby is well, we had have put him on glucose and protein intravenously. Medicines have been given to expand his tiny lungs. Screening of the heart rate and brain is been done at regular intervals,” he added.
Though the baby’s father, SP Jain, did not wish to disclose his name, the tiny miracle is no short of a brave heart or a rock-star.
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