Effects of childhood fears linger even in adulthood

A study has found that people have "residual anxiety" from watching horror movies and television programmes with disturbing content

Effects of childhood fears linger even in adulthoodAs a child, I watched a television program where a young boy disappeared in a closet, and to this day, I’m still wary when hanging up my clothes. I’m not the only one whose irrational childhood fear lasted well into adulthood — a 1999 study found that people have “residual anxiety” from watching horror movies […]

A rash which almost turned life threatening

55-year-old Stephen Schroeder was told that his “jock itch” was actually an extremely rare, invasive cancer called Extramammary Paget’s Disease

A rash which almost turned life threateningOn a late Friday afternoon on December 4, 2014, Stephen Schroeder was waiting to board a packed flight from Philadelphia to Las Vegas for a much anticipated long weekend with his son when his cell phone rang. On the line was an unexpected caller: his doctor, reporting test results sooner than Schroeder had expected. Listening […]
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