85-year-old opts for spine rehabilitation to cure her back pain

Old age is often confused with age related pains. In order to tackle it, spine rehabilitation can be helpful for patients. An unhealthy spine interferes with the body, causing a host of unwelcome health issues such as pain, numbness, and weakness in the arms and legs. For all those riddled with back pain, this is a good option

85-year-old opts for spine rehabilitation to cure her back pain

For the 85-year-old Sajida Syed, back pain was the most difficult problem to handle. She had severe back pain radiating to left hip. Living a lonely life as a widow, her biggest fear was the fear of dependency, as she was diagnosed with medical conditions, known as kyphotic deformity and scoliosis. This basically meant a spine condition. She had generalised muscle weaknesses and her spinal movements were blocked.

She wished to perform her daily chores effortlessly and painlessly. “Sajida suffered from Degenerative Spine conditions that lead to immense pain and deteriorated her health. Her condition was partially treatable which was resolved through continuous examination and exercises that we suggested to her in order to determine the cause of her back pain,” said Dr Nausheen, specialised spine physiotherapist at the QI Spine Clinic.

Back pain linked with older age makes it difficult for the treatment. Syed’s current condition is at a moderate level after religiously treating her for three months which she still continues to take for maintaining her health.

“In aged patients like Sajida, independence is a major concern and making her independent enough to perform her daily activities has been an achievement for us,” she added.

Spine rehabilitation is a comparatively new option for patients. And this can be quite helpful for them.

Syed had a difficult medical history. She fought breast cancer in the year 2007 and still suffers with this fragile bone condition.

“I am surviving on his (her husband) pension and thus can’t afford to appoint a housemaid. I live alone in a metro like Mumbai and manage to buy my groceries from the vendors who walk to my house. I had started getting severe back and hip pain which has made me much crippled. Realising the fact that I have no one to look after me, I decided to take up spine rehab rather than medicines that leaves residue,” said Syed.