78-year-old brain-dead man gives a new life to two

Organ donation is a vital issue which requires an immediate attention, owing to which, State government has initiated a massive organ donation campaign to create awareness regarding organ donation amongst people. Now, the awareness about organ donation seems to be increasing, as a lot of people are coming forward to donate organs of their deceased family members

78-year-old brain-dead man gives a new life to 2

Koroth Gopalan (78), a Vasai resident met with an accident, while he went for a morning walk. His hand got fractured and after accident, he lost control over his body. On September 12, he was admitted in Wockhardt hospital, where after conducting the advanced medical tests, he was declared brain-dead by the doctors. On September 14, his family decided to donate his organs.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra Sohini Koroth said, “My father decided to donate his organs, when he was in Kerala. He even had a donor card and we weren’t aware about it. But in hospital, he when he informed me that he wanted to donate his body. When doctors asked about organ donation, we decided to donate his organs. Accordingly, the kidneys, liver, bones and skin was donated by the doctors.”

Sohini Koroth
Sohini Koroth

Koroth’s son, Biju Dono said, “Every morning, he went for a walk, but that day, he took a lot of time to return home, after which, we were worried. Around 10:30 am, we got a call informing about his accident, after which we were shocked.”

He added, “My father was hit by a cycle, fell on the ground and injured his brain. But no one admitted him in the hospital. When we reached the accident spot, he was lying on a footpath. We admitted him in One of Vasai’s hospital. After giving him primary treatment, the doctors there suggested to admit him in Wockhardt Hospital at Mira road. On September 14, the doctors declared him brain-dead. He would have been alive, if he had received a primary treatment on time.

Organ transplant surgery conducted in late evening on 15th September in Wockhardt Hospital, Mira Road.

Dr Rajesh Kumar, Nephrologists and Transplant surgeon at Wockhardt Hospital, Mira Road said,” Considering Goplan’s age, his one kidney might not have been useful for the patient who required kidney. So we transplanted his both kidneys to one patient from Malad (Male age 50) who was on dialysis, since 6 years. Now, this patient is fine.”

Dr Anurag Srimal, Liver Transplant surgeon at Wockhardt Hospital, Mira Road said, “Donor Liver was in well condition despite of his age and we immediately took decision to transplant his liver to the person (male age 56) who was suffering NASH related cirrhosis from last 3 years.”

Ravi Hirwani, Centre Head of Wockhardt Hospital said, “We are thankful to our all surgeons who conducted this successful surgery in our Mira Road campus which is having all advanced transplant facility and at the same time donor’s family played an influential part and have enriched the lives of two people.”

He further said, “We as a community must come together to highlight this cause which can save many more lives in the future.”