7 weight-loss tips from a coach who preps celebs for the red carpet

So how can you drop pounds on a tight deadline without crashing afterward? Here, a celebrity trainer and nutrition coach runs through his top weight-loss tips for the stars

7 weight-loss tips from a coach who preps celebs for the red carpet
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No matter how much we hear that losing weight and getting healthy is a lifestyle, not a destination, we’ve all got deadlines. Who hasn’t set out to get in shape in hopes of showing up at their high school reunion with zero excess baby weight or going on their dream vacay with their most rockin’ bod ever.

Whatever the deadline, celebrity trainer and nutrition coach Kyle Brown, C.S.C.S., has heard it (and crushed it) before. After all, he’s the guy who gets A-list celebs, including athletes, actresses, and multi-platinum rappers, ready for sports seasons, red carpets, and music video shoots.

But get this: After their events, he helps those clients continue to get stronger, fitter, and healthier. “All of these before-and-after photos are meaningless to me if people aren’t keeping the weight off,” Brown says. We couldn’t agree more.

So how can you drop pounds on a tight deadline without crashing afterward? Here, Brown runs through his top weight-loss tips for the stars.

Write down what you want to gain from weight loss

Reaching your weight-loss goal is about more than just looking awesome. To make a transformation, you really have to be tuned into what you want to achieve post-lost—beyond what the scale says, says Brown. Achieving a milestone, like feeling awesome in your wedding dress or loving the way you look in your vacation photos, is more motivating than reaching a goal weight, he says.

Once you discover the “why” behind your deadline, write it down and hone in on it.

Set your deadline for 90 days

Brown says that the most motivating deadlines are about 90 days out. So if your wedding is six months away, go ahead and schedule another motivating event three months from now, like the bachelorette party or really anything. That’s because setting this deadline gets you outside of your comfort zone and prevents complacency, he says.

“If a client doesn’t have an event within 90 days, we find one or make one up,” he says. Sign up for a race or put a boudoir photo shoot on the calendar. Whatever fires you up and, yes, makes you a little nervous.

Don’t weigh yourself

Brown isn’t a fan of the scale, and actually tells many of his clients to stay off of them.

Instead, he has all of his clients take progress pics every week. And if your goal is outfit-oriented, wear that outfit for every picture, he says. Apart from being super motivating, photos are a more accurate portrayal of how your body is changing.

Strength train 3 times per week

It doesn’t matter if you use dumbbells, kettlebells, or TRX, strength training three times a week for 30 to 60 minutes each time is vital to every woman’s weight-loss efforts.  Brown says that putting on more muscle speeds up your metabolism and makes you feel powerful, both of which are vital to achieving your goals.

If you can’t squeeze in an hour-long sweat sesh, just up the intensity by cutting the time between sets, he says.

Plus, this strategy prevents burnout, he says. “I don’t like workouts that are exhausting and break people down.” With this strengthening plan, you should leave the gym feeling better than when you came in, says Brown.

Do the same moves week after week

Fitness transformations are built on the principle of “progressive overload,” meaning you gradually increase the difficulty of a given workout to keep the body adapting and improving, says Brown. That means doing exercises, like squats, lunges, planks, triceps dips, and bench presses, for example, every week. The only things that change are how many reps you do and the amount of weight you use.

We like this five-move training routine from certified strength and conditioning specialist, Holly Perkins, author of Women’s Health’s Lift to Get Lean.

In the grand scheme of things, any workout is a win. But if you’re trying to get the most out of your gym time, just performing whatever workout sounds fun won’t to cut it, he says.

Don’t drastically change your diet

Even when you’re up against a deadline, you shouldn’t try to make a 180-degree change to your diet from the get-go. “I don’t like to overwhelm people with too many changes at once,” he says.

“I find that if they alter their eating habits dramatically, they might be able to do it for a little bit, but not forever,” he says. Instead, he asks his clients to gradually remove one unhealthy food and replace it with something healthier. “Do that again and again over a long period of time and you’ve got your healthy diet,” says Brown.

Set a new goal 10 days before your deadline

This is the perfect time to set a new goal, Brown says.

“I tell my clients to be happy, but never get content. When you get content, you take the foot off of the gas pedal,” he says. Though you don’t need to keep losing weight, you should always strive to achieve new fitness and health milestones. “There is no such thing as maintenance,” he says.

Source: Women’s Health