‘7 Among 1,000 kids in India, suffer from cleft lips and cleft palate,’ say experts

Cleft lips and cleft palate, a birth defect is basically a medical condition where there is no proper growth of lips during the gestation period. Around 30-40 children suffering this were seen in the health camp which was organized in Aurangabad. Experts say that this birth defect can be treated by plastic surgery


According to experts, the number of babies with Cleft lips and Cleft palate in India has increased over the years. As compared to the western countries, Asian region witnessed more babies born with Cleft lips and Cleft palate. According to the experts, 7 Among 1,000 kids in India, suffer from cleft lips and cleft palate.

Let’s take the case of, nine-month-old Pragati Rathod who hails from a village in Aurangabad, suffers with Cleft lips and Cleft palate problem. She was brought to Aurangabad’s health camp by her family. But, Pragati is not alone. As many as 30-40 children in came to the health camp in Aurangabad to seek treatment.

While talking to My Medical Mantra, Rekha Rathod, Pragati’s mother said, “She is suffering from this problem since birth. She can’t have breast milk. Also can’t speak properly. We are ready to do as much surgery as possible to cure her. Health camps like this are beneficial for the poor patients. As we get world class healthcare facilities here. Which in normal course, we can’t afford.”

Medical camp

According to the experts, baby’s face is not fully developed in the seventh month of pregnancy. So, it is difficult to find out, weather there is any deformity or not. These children have difficulty in breastfeeding; they do suffer speech related issues as well. Babies suffering with Cleft lips and Cleft palate need to undergo surgery within the first nine months from the birth.

Talking to My Medical Mantra on this issue plastic surgeon of Aurangabad, Dr Ujwala Dahiphale said, “Women who give birth to a child at a very young age, women who have are anaemic, those who have given birth to more than five children, are likely to have kids with this birth defect. These children need to undergo three to four surgeries. After the surgery they can speak like normal person.”

Surgeries of Cleft lips and Cleft palate are done for free in Maharashtra under Rajiv Gandhi Yojana.