Mumbai sees two heart transplants, even as Aaradhya Mule is still waiting on one

In 2017, there have been total six cadaver donations, from which eight kidneys, six livers, three heart and two pairs of eyes have been donated


As the three-year-old little girl, Aaradhya Mule desperately waits for a heart; the city has received two adult heart transplants in last 24 hours. On Friday (February 10) a 35 year old female donated her heart, liver and eyes giving a lease of life to other three end stage heart disease patient. In last two days there were two hearts, two kidneys, two eyes and one liver have been donated.

The donor belonged to Satara district in Maharashtra and was diabetic. She was admitted in Satara hospital on 30th January 2017 as she complained about dizziness, vomiting and fever. Due to lack of required medical facilities in Satara, her family admitted her in KB Bhabha Hospital at Bandra.

As there was no further improvement in her health, she was then shifted to SL Raheja Hospital at Mahim on February 1. After treating for six days she was declared brain dead on 9th February. After declaring the woman brain-dead, doctors from the hospital counselled the family for organ donation and after gaining consent of the family; the woman’s heart, two eyes and one liver were donated.

The heart and liver went to Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani hospital, Mumbai and two eyes were donated at the eye bank of Lilavati Hospital and Research Centre of Bandra.

With the case of three year old Aaradhya Mule the discussion is on about the Paediatric organ donation and awareness.

Dr Gusdad Daver, President ZTCC (Zonal Transplant Coordination centre) said, “There is awareness but death among the Paediatric patients is less as compare to the adult deaths. Due to which we find shortage of paediatric organ in such cases”.

Whereas speaking to My Medical Mantra on paediatric transplant Dr Avasthi, Dr Mukesh Sankhlecha, Paediatrician at Bombay Hospital said, “Each hospital’s paediatric team has to identify a brain dead child. The demand is huge than the supply and only through increased awareness, we can boost paediatric organ donation numbers. With this, not only will we save Aaradhya, but many like her who are in dire need of an organ transplant”.

Till date in 2017, there have been total 6 cadaver donations, from which 8 Kidney, 6 Liver, 3 Heart and 2 eyes has been donated.

According to ZTCC, last year in 2016, the organ donation was highest in 4 years with 58 cadaver donations: 91 kidneys, 58 livers, 34 hearts and one lung were transplanted to several ill patients in 2016. The state too saw 132 organ donations out of which Nagpur and Aurangabad have together made 15 donations in 2016. Pune topped the list with 59 cadaver donation followed by Mumbai.

The ZTCC and the state government are now working together to boost cadaver donations in the state. ZTCC said they are now concentrating on boosting the role of non-transplant organ retrieval centres to increase brain dead patient notification.