60% of girls suffer from ovarian problems, reveals survey

Excessive consumption of junk food can be harmful for girls and cause ovarian problems. Junk food is related to diabetes, obesity, heart attack and is also related to ovarian problems

60% of girls suffer from ovarian problems, reveals survey

This information has come from a survey done by a gynaecologist from Navi Mumbai. According to the doctors, the number of school girls with ovarian problem is increasing. Owing to which, the doctors are trying to find a solution for this serious issue.

Dr Bandita Sinha, a Gynaecologist in Vashi, Navi Mumbai, conducted a survey of 600 girls, in the Navi Mumbai schools and colleges, in the age group of 11 to 19.

Questions asked:

  • Do you consume junk food?
  • Do you exercise regularly
  • Do you eat nutritious diet?
  • Are your menses irregular?
  • Do the parents exercise regularly?

These were the questions asked. In which 70 per cent of the problems took place due to faulty lifestyle, for example, obesity, stress, diabetes and hormonal imbalance.

The survey revealed:

  • 50 per cent girls were over weight
  • 34 per cent girl’s weight was in check
  • 767 per cent of girls gained weight suddenly over years
  • Ovarian problem and irregular menses was found in 66 per cent of girls from the age group of 14 to 16

Dr Bandita Sinha, a Gynaecologist, world woman clinic said, “Due to faulty lifestyle, out of 5, one girl suffers from ovarian problem. Excess use of TV, internet, sitting on one place causes hormonal imbalance, it can also Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). 600 girls were surveyed, which revealed, 40 to 60 per cent of girls suffered from ovarian problem.

Dr Rajashree Katke, medical superintendent and gynaecologist of Cama and Albless Hospital said, “Girls who hit puberty do not play outdoors. They are just addicted to the Internet and smartphones. Sedentary lifestyle and faulty food habits can cause hormonal imbalance which causes PCOS.  And the number of girls and woman suffering from it is increasing.”