57th cadaver donation in city gives new lease of life to 5

21-year-old Mulund resident declared brain-dead, parents decide to donate his organs

organ-donation-2A 21-year-old engineering student gave a new lease of life to five people after his parents decided to donate his organs. The Mulund resident had met with a bike accident on December 19 at Mira Road.

Deceased Abhishek Jogdandkar was taken to Orbit Hospital in Mira Road in an unconscious state with severe head injuries.

Abhishek Jogdandkar

“He had gone to Virar for a football competition. His team won the match and decided to celebrate. After winning, he called us and that was the last time we heard his voice on phone,” said Shreekant, Abhishek’s brother.

Abhishek’s family decided to transfer him to Saifee Hospital in Charni Road. Even as doctors tried their best to revive him, he was declared brain-dead. His liver, kidneys and eyes were retrieved after the family gave consent for organ donation.

“His untimely death has come to us as biggest shock, but with this decision, he will always be with us,” said Shreekant.

“He had received severe head injuries. On Tuesday morning, he was transferred to our hospital in a critical state as his brain was not functioning. He died on Wednesday afternoon and his parents decided to donate his organs,” said Dr Shabina Khan, senior manager medical administrator, Saifee Hospital.

With this city’s total cadaver donation is now 57.

The trend of cadaver donations has always been uneven in Mumbai. As per Zonal Transplantation Coordination Committee (ZTCC), Mumbai, there were 27 donations in 2012, while 24 in 2013. In 2014, Mumbai noticed 100 per cent rise with 41 cadaver donations have helped 107 people. In 2015, there were 44 donations that helped 114 people.