56% people unaware of normal blood pressure range: Survey

Ignorance, changing lifestyle and irregular food patterns are key causes for increase in youngsters with hypertension, say doctors

56% are unaware of the normal range of blood pressure: Survey
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On World Hypertension Day, a Mumbai Hospital conducted an online survey among 500 people to understand their awareness levels about hypertension. From among those surveyed, 39% are suffering from hypertension and an alarming 56% of total participants are unaware of normal range of blood pressure. Most of them are youngsters within 20 to 30 years of age.

In the survey conducted among 500 people, 370 were are and 130 women. Among these, 265 are between age 20 to 30, 212 between age 30 to 50 and 23 are above age 50. The survey highlights 194 having blood pressure (BP), among these 24 are between 20 to 30 age group and 150 among 30 to 50 age group. There are hardly 23 from among these who go for BP check-ups every month.

Dr Pradeep Gadge, Diabetologist, Gadge Diabetes Centre, said, “Ideally, everyone should go for a BP check-up every 3 months and those severely suffering from Hypertension must conduct a check-up once in a week. But, negligence among youngsters and changing lifestyle that they live has led to a rise of youngsters with hypertension. A steady rise in the consumption of fast food or high consumption of salt is one of the major causes.  All types of packaged food contain sodium which invariably leads to an increase in the sodium intake. This along with the changing lifestyle patterns has led to youngsters facing cardiac issues that rise from hypertension.”

The World Health Organisation (WHO) rates hypertension as one of the most important causes of premature death worldwide. As per analysis of 2005, worldwide data for the global burden of hypertension saw 20.6% of Indian men and 20.9% of Indian women with hypertension. According to the WHO 2008 estimates, prevalence of raised BP in Indians was 32.5% (33.2% in men and 31.7% in women).

“Youngsters tend to ignore their health and focus on a career oriented lifestyle. Unlike earlier, a notable increase among youngsters with hypertension has been noticed. With high pressure jobs in the banking, IT and media industry, youngsters have developed an irregular sleeping pattern, untimely consumption of food and increase in junk and packaged food items, lack of exercise and sleep are leading to a stressful lifestyle. This modernisation has led youngsters to neglect their health and develop cardiac complications at a young age. In last 15 years, approximately 10% to 15% rise among those with hypertension in 25 to 40 age group have been noticed,” said Dr Amol Pawar, internal medicine and cardio diabetes expert, Zen Hospital.

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