At 500kg, 36-year-old woman has not left her bed for 25 years

Reported as world’s fattest woman, Iman Ahmad Abdulati has not left her bed for the last 25 years


A 36-year-old Egyptian who weighs 500kg is reportedly the world’s fattest woman. Iman Ahmad Abdulati has stayed within the confines of her house in Alexandria from last 25 years as she could not get out of her bed or even roll over because of obesity.

Iman, as per report published in Al Arabiya, was born weighing five kilograms and was diagnosed with elephantiasis (a condition in which a limb or other body part swells due to a parasitic infection).

Young Iman
Young Iman

According to the doctors, Iman’s condition is also described as ‘disruption of the glands’, which means the body stores and retains more water than it should. As a baby too, Iman was unable to move properly and she learned to move using her hands. At the age of 11, Iman had gained immense weight because of which she could not stand up on her own, and would crawl on the knees.

It was during this time that she had dropped out of primary school, and suffered a cerebral stroke, which left her bedridden as well as aggravated her condition. Post the stroke, Iman remained in her room and was unable to do anything. As Iman lay immobile, her weight continued to inflate. Iman currently lives in the family home with her mother and sister, Chaymaa Abdulati and her father is no more. Her mother and sister assist her in everyday tasks like eating, changing clothes, cleaning and relieving.

Iman’s family is afraid that if she does not get timely and essential medical help at Maadi Military Hospital in Cairo, then they may lose their daughter. After years of desperate attempts to find a solution, Chaymaa has now gone public with the problem in the hope of getting help.

Source: Al Arabiya