5 health benefits of coriander seed you must know

You may have frequently consumed coriander by eating guacamole, but what you are likely not aware of is that the plant produces nutrient-rich seeds


Unless you’re a fan of Indian cuisine, then you might not have frequently enjoyed coriander and its unique citrusy, sweet and curry-like taste.

Interestingly, you might want to include coriander into your spice rack from now on. The dried seeds, which are sold whole or ground, apparently offer a lot of benefits to the body due to the bioactive compounds they contain.

Dr Axe has listed some of the health benefits coriander seeds can offer to the body. Check out five of them below.

Promotes healthy menstruation

The menstrual cycle is controlled by hormones for the most part. Without sufficient amount of hormones, women might suffer irregular menstruation.

A good way to prevent this from happening is infusing coriander seeds into one’s diet. The seeds have properties that regulate the function of endocrine glands and facilitate the release of hormones.

Apart from ensuring the regular flow of the menstrual cycle, coriander seeds also reduce the effects of bloating, cramps and period pain.

Improves blood cholesterol levels

There have been studies to prove that coriander seeds can really decrease the levels of bad cholesterol in the body. Adding the spice to your meals could significantly decrease the bad cholesterol and increase the healthy cholesterol as observed in one animal research experiment.

Regulates blood sugar levels

For diabetics out there, coriander seeds can help you regulate your blood sugar levels and prevent other complications from happening. The seeds are found to have this blood sugar-lowering effect, which is really helpful for people who have been battling diabetes for years.

However, one should first consult a doctor before consuming coriander seeds. Some doctors apparently warn against the use of coriander products while taking blood sugar medication.

Lowers blood pressure

Hypertensive people would be happy to know that coriander seeds also have the ability to reduce blood pressure. Consuming the spice could help them ensure that their blood pressure won’t be beyond the normal range. Doing so decreases their chances of suffering from deadly conditions like blood clots and strokes.

Relieves digestion problems

Irritable bowel syndrome and other gut disorders are just so problematic when they cause discomfort in the tummy. But you’d be surprised to know that eating the mere dried seeds of coriander could already address the problem. Coriander has been found to have this antispasmodic property that relieves digestion problems.

Source: Medical Daily