4 youths have been arrested in connection with Dr Amarapurkar’s death

On Sunday, Dadar police arrested four Elphinstone residents, claiming that they were the ones who had opened a manhole on August 29, when torrential rains had hit Mumbai

In a twist of events in Dr Amarapurkar’s death, Dadar police revealed a shocking detail.

Police claim that the youths residing in the Elephinstone area had opened the manhole to drain the water.

In regards to which, police arrested Dinar Pawar, Nilesh Kadam, Rakesh Kadam, Siddhesh Belsekar as they opened the manhole saying that the rainwater was entering into their houses.

Police also claimed that they have confessed during the interrogation that they were responsible for opening the manhole.

Dr Deepak Amarapurkar
Dr Deepak Amarapurkar

ACP Sunil Deshmukh, Dadar Division said, ” We have arrested four accused in connection with Dr Amarapurkar’s death. We have zeroed in on them after eyewitness accounts. The court has sent them to judicial custody. We will be doing identification parade of the accused.”

The accused have been booked under section 304 a causing death due to negligence.

All the four accused  have been sent to judicial custody till September 22.

On August 29, Mumbai came to standstill due to torrential rains. While Deepak Amarapurkar, a senior gastroenterologist of the Bombay hospital went missing after he slipped into a unguarded manhole.

After being missing for more than 36 hours, the body of Dr Deepak Amarapurkar, was found on August 31, at Worli seashore.  This incident stirred a controversy and the local administration had to face flak from various eminent personalities and citizens.

Earlier, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) had blamed BMC for negligence regarding Dr Amarapurkar’s untimely death and had written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and demanding strict action against the concerned authorities by penalising them under the Criminal Act. Acting promptly on this, the PMO has sent a letter to Sumeet Mallick, Chief Secretary, Government of Maharashtra.

  • Rajib Ranjan Das

    It is actually criminal to open a manhole cover in flooded and waterlogged situations and leave it without guard or a marker stick , even a tree branch. Many deaths occur when people fall in such manholes or open drains near roads. The men are guilty of causing the death. This is putting one’s comfort over others safety.