4 Simple and effective tips to prevent fatty liver disease

While fatty liver disease may not manifest any symptoms, it is still an alarming condition for it can develop into serious health problems like cirrhosis and liver cancer


Liver is one of the vital organs in the body, for it performs very important functions such as storing energy, helping food digestion and removing toxins from circulation. When extra fat builds up in the liver, the organ develops the condition and suffers certain problems in the long run.

Fortunately, Dr Axe has shared some tips on how to prevent fatty liver disease from happening.

These tips can help you hamper the unwanted build-up of extra fat in your liver and prevent symptoms of the disease from developing.

Follow a plant-based diet

A plant-based diet does wonders in the body and keeps the liver healthy. Vegetables, fruits and healthy fat sources should be part of your meals so as to decrease inflammation and keep insulin levels normal.

These two apparently contribute to the development of fatty liver disease. Some of the recommended food items to include in your meals are olives, avocados, nuts, artichokes, chicory, arugula, chia seeds, flaxseeds, walnuts, salmon and sardines.

Take liver health supplements

There are many supplements available on the market today. Choose the ones that are proven to have a positive effect on the liver and those that help treat the condition.

Vitamin E, C and D supplements are helpful for the goal of boosting liver health. Supplements with resveratrol, anthocyanin and probiotics would also come in handy. You may even go the natural way and consume green tea, garlic, ginger, curcumin and cinnamon just so you can boost your immunity and protect your liver from certain diseases.

Try Mediterranean ketogenic diet

The Mediterranean diet is already known to decrease fat in the liver. When combined with keto diet, the meal plan becomes perfect for people who want to fight off fatty liver disease.

The combined diet plan enables people to overcome metabolic syndrome, which is associated with the non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. For the diet combo, you will have to focus on consuming whole grains, legumes, healthy fish proteins, extra virgin coconut oil and other vegetables and fruits.

Avoid certain types of food and drinks

The last but not the least tip is to carefully choose what you consume. You may need to follow a healthier diet and make some lifestyle changes just so you can prevent fatty liver disease.

Some of the food and drink items you should avoid are packaged goods, fruits and vegetables sprayed with chemicals, alcohol, caffeine, refined sugar and factory-farm animal products.

Source: Medical Daily