350 resident doctors of Nagpur medical college suspended

In order to acquire security owing to the rising incidents of attacks on the doctors, Nagpur medical college’s resident doctors are protesting. Since, 350 doctors were marked absent on duty; the hospital administration sent a suspension notice to them. Now, there is a nationwide strike of the doctors due to the action taken by the hospital administration


Once again the vital point of doctor’s security has come up. There is a face-off between doctors and the  hospital administration. By demanding security in the hospital, Nagpur medical college’s 350 doctors are on strike, since October 7. The hospital administration hold a meeting with the doctors, but it didn’t suffice the purpose. After which, the doctors didn’t resume on duty. The hospital administration slammed a show cause notice to the doctors. Still, the doctors didn’t resume on duty. And on October 10, Nagpur’s medical college’s administration sent a notice of suspension.


The doctors are agitated due to the administration’s action. Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Pradeep Kaswan, President MARD, Nagpur medical college said, “Resident doctors have been given a suspension notice. 350 doctors have been suspended. We will continue the strike till we get security. After discussing with the other MARD office-bearers, further decision will be taken.”

He added, “Our demand is of security. We had a discussion with medical education minister. We were assured of getting security. Yet, there is no security provided.  Resident doctors of Nagpur’s IGMC hospital will be going on strike. Along with Yavatmal, doctors from other medical colleges will also join the protest.”

Reportedly, on October 7, a dead body of a woman was found in the hospital premises after which the resident doctors went on strike.

According to sources:

  • Resident doctors of IGMC medical college have penned down a letter to the administration saying they will join the protest on October 11.
  • Resident doctors of BJGMC medical college Pune have threatened to join the protest if the suspension notice isn’t withdrawn.
  • SVNGMC Yavatmal’s resident doctors have also decided to join the hands.

insert-3Couple of days ago, Maharashtra Association of Resident Doctors (MARD) protested at Sir JJ Group of Hospitals, by demanding security as the security guards appointed by the government vanished from the hospital. According to the government, they didn’t withdraw the security; the security guards are on strike due to monetary problem.