26/11 Mumbai attack: Teacher loses leg, teaches others to stand

Sabira Khan is one the survivors of the 26/11 attack which rocked Mumbai to its core. Initially, traumatised and helpless by her condition, she made a decision to step out of her own misery to help others. As a tuition teacher, she started to teach children once again. She did not let her condition limit her, but overcame them instead

26/11 Mumbai attack: Teacher loses leg, teaches others to stand

It has been nine years since the 26/11 terror attacks shook Mumbai to its core. The city may have moved on, but it will never forget. The wounds and scars still remain fresh for the survivors of the attacks. The survivors made a choice – to move on with life and start afresh.

Even though they were battered and bruised, they hold their heads up high with wilful determination to this day. One such survivor is Sabira Khan, a 50-year-old woman and a resident of Mazgoan.

On the fateful night of 26/11, Sabira was on her way to tutor children. She decided to hail a taxi, but unfortunately, as she was about to step inside the taxi, there was an explosion.

The explosion killed the taxi driver instantaneously and damaged Sabira’s left leg, which rendered it as useless for the rest of her life.

At the time of the incident, she was rushed to JJ Hospital and was given primary treatment. Subsequently, she was shifted to Saifee Hospital, where she underwent the remainder of her treatment. In total, she was hospitalised for 13 to 14 months, during the duration of which, she had six surgeries performed upon her.

26/11 Mumbai attack: Teacher loses leg, teaches others to stand
Sabira Khan, 26/11 survivor

The doctors told Sabira that she would never walk again. She was devastated as a result of this and was also suffering from the trauma of the bomb blast. Eventually, she fought back against the mental agony she was going through. She decided to view her life as a second chance and now determined and strong-willed she decided to start teaching children again.

She said, “I cannot forget 26/11. At the time, I was completely helpless and had given up hope. But, I thought that I have been given a new life. I made a decision to dedicate my life to the education of poor children.”

She further said, “After the accident, I spent nearly 13 to 14 months in the hospital and had undergone six surgeries, over the course of time. The doctors said I will never to be able to walk again.”

The words of the doctors might have hit Khan hard. But, eventually, she stopped playing the victim and took hold of her life. As she knew, she had the power to change her story. Even though, she could not walk, she realised she was still educated and could give tuitions to children.

Today, she is undefeated and continues to teach children. Her positive outlook and practical approach to life should be an inspiration to us. The terror attacks intended to weaken Mumbai, but it actually made Mumbaikars’ and especially survivors to become tough citizens who will make it through and rise from the bleakest of situations.