21st Mumbai Live Endoscopy conference kick starts in Mumbai

The Mumbai Live conference on Endoscopy kicked off at 9 am on Friday with more than 150 national and 20 international endoscopic experts

21st Mumbai Live Endoscopy course kick starts in Mumbai

The 21st Mumbai Live Endoscopy 2018 started off with a session on ANBIG procedure, a workshop about diagnosis and classification of early cancer using Endoscopy.

It had multiple guest speakers like Dr Philip Chiu, Dr Yasushi Sano, Dr Rupa Banerjee and Dr Prasad Iyer.

The hall was full of doctors beaming with curiosity as a minimum of 70 new procedures will be introduced for doctors.

Some of the most interesting procedures will be Electrogastrography (technique to measure gastric motility), AMBIG, GERD, POEM etc.

The conference will be held for 3 days from January 5-7 in Grand Hyatt, Mumbai.